By Synectics

Waldemar Ortiz Appointed Executive Vice President

Synectics has recently promoted Waldemar Ortiz to Vice President. In his prior role, he was the Internal Auditor ensuring that all financial obligations of the company were managed. Waldemar has an assertive business mind and an amazing judgment of what is best for the Company without losing the ability to be fair. He is extremely focused on maintaining the high quality of work and is always keen to assist the teams to reach their goals. His expertise along with his personality is a major key to success for our company.

Over the years as a husband and wife team, both Ana and Waldemar have learned from Synectics founder, Dr. Jack Hirsbrunner. “We are so proud of being a family-owned business, and we want to take charge of what we have worked so hard to build. As our employees are here for us, we are always here for them, and together we can build a bright future for Synectics.” We are confident that as President and Vice President, they will lead Synectics to a brighter future.