NSF Survey Team welcomes LaVonda Scott

As Synectics grows and strengthens its ability to offer better solutions for its customers, our team adapts to the new challenges that arise and provide high-quality standard services. As a sign of this progress, Lavonda Scott recently joined our team as the Project Manager for the National Science Foundation Surveys (NSF Surveys) project. She has over 20 years’ experience working in both the government and private sector market spaces. Lavonda has managed projects where she provided program management, oversight of contractual obligations, quality assurance, and client delivery activities.

Lavonda’s strengths in data analytics, survey research, program management, and business development make her a great addition to the company and lead our Surveys team for the NSF Surveys project.

Synectics has an excellent record hosting and supporting two annual surveys reporting on government funding related to research and development and science and engineering expenditures. Since 2009, we have provided a complete line of services, including hosting surveys, collecting the data, managing databases and systems, developing survey applications, and supporting survey respondents. We also provide data and statistical analysis, reporting, and documentation, along with updating and maintaining the Science and Engineering State Profiles Data System for NSF.

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