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The increasing amount of data has been challenging organizations’ capacity to extract the hidden treasure of insights. We offer enterprise solutions for data management which includes storing, mining, analyzing and reporting large and multiple-sourced data sets to empower your organization with the latest Advance Analytics practices and tools, aligned with your data strategy and mission goals. 

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We’ve supported multiple agencies within HHS, like the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) where we created an interactive facility locator using JavaScript, JQuery, Google Maps, open-source libraries, and other technologies to manage over 60 million public health records. 

Currently, we support the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Enterprise Data and Analytic Services (EDAS) project to improve NSF’s ability to quickly ingest, analyze, and visualize data from multiple internal and external sources. Using next-generation technology such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, we are making complex information accessible to end-users and saving the agency billions of dollars in grantee expenses. 

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Since 2009, we have hosted and supported two annual surveys reporting on government funding relating to research and development and science and engineering expenditures. We provide a complete line of services including hosting the surveys, data collection, database and systems management, application development, support to survey respondents, data analysis, statistical analysis, reporting, and documentation. We also update and maintain the Science and Engineering State Profiles Data System. 

Our IT management services include Enterprise Data Warehouse roadmaps and plans for addressing IT security, and data calls for policy and planning. From in-premises to cloud data storage, our solutions will ensure access for users and stakeholders, enabling the power of insightful data on management decisions. We will align your storage capacities with your data strategy to provide a secure and reliable data flow across your organization.

Move any workload from an on-premises environment, hosting facility to a cloud-based storage with our cloud migration services and start building a future-ready data foundation for your agency. Through our partnership with AWS govCloud, we will deliver cloud solutions that are FISMA, NIST, DHS, OMB, and Section 508 compliant.

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