By Synectics

Synectics’ Wellness Day

On Friday, September 11 we held the SMDI Wellness Day 2015 were many of our employees participated in a variety of activities related to good living. After a conference about our participation in the American Heart Association race and how to achieve our goal of donations to that institution, the participants were divided into two groups. The first group participated in a session of exercises assisted by Synergy Health & Fitness Staff at the Gateway Park in Rosslyn, steps away from our headquarters, while another group carried out a small exercise walk led by Captain Mayra Walker.

“I think we were able to convey the message that we need to keep us active as part of a healthy lifestyle at the same time we maintain the sense of collaboration and support to institutions that help our people.” Said Mayra Walker, Captain of the team of walkers

SMDI seeks to encourage its people to bring lifestyles which are beneficial to their health by promoting activities involving exercise and more active life. On the other hand, SMDI intends to maintain its commitment to organizations that contribute in some way to the collective welfare and to the community like the American Heart Association. This year SMDI joined the “Greater Washington Race 2015” on next October 11 at the National Mall and collaborate as fundraisers on support this cause.