By Synectics

Helping in rebuilding Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria is regarded as the worst natural disaster on record in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. It devastated much of the island’s infrastructure, leaving 100% of the inhabitants at least temporarily without communications, potable water, or energy services. Faced with this level of destruction, many organizations began to raise funds to help Puerto Ricans recover.

One of the organizations that continues to participate in the humanitarian effort is Friends of Puerto Rico. Headquartered in Washington DC, Friends of Puerto Rico collects money, water, food, and clothing among other things to send to the hardest hit areas of the island, and Synectics is proud to participate in this initiative. Through donations from our employees, we could join Friends of Puerto Rico to complete their mission. “We care about the efforts to help in the recovery of Puerto Rico for several reasons, but the most important one is that we all deserve help in the worst times,” said Jack E. Hirsbrunner, Synectics’ Chairman of the Board and a board member of Friends of Puerto Rico.

To be a part of the ongoing initiative, visit to learn more about the Hurricane Maria Recovery Fund.