By Synectics

Synecticians Volunteer at DC Central Kitchen

Led by the NSF EDAS team, Synectics volunteers are contributing to that important effort. On Saturday, June 8, all Synecticians were invited by the NSF DW/BI team to join them in volunteering at DC Central Kitchen to prepare meals for people in need in the DC area. Our team went from cutting vegetables and cooking pasta with red sauce to preparing trays and bins for distribution. In addition to Synectics employees, family members also participated. This was the second time the NSF team volunteered at DC Central Kitchen and they are planning to repeat it. It’s a great experience that all Synecticians are invited to participate in.

Did you know that DC Central Kitchen is preparing 3.2 million nutritious meals for local shelters, nonprofits, and DC schools this year? You can get more information about DC Central kitchen here:

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