National Science Foundation (NSF)

Synectics is providing services for a wide range of activities supporting the agency. Our separate teams provide a full range of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (DWBI) support and Government survey support for agency funding related to research and development.
  • For DWBI support We are managing multiple projects under DWBI, including support for grants management lifecycle, human resource data management, data warehouse operations, maintenance and enterprise architecture. Our teams work to improve the user’s ability to analyze and report on data through an Enterprise Data Warehouse. Analytics and customized data provide a means for immediate decisions due to the BI reporting capabilities of essential data. Our IT management services include EDW roadmaps and plans for addressing IT security, and data calls for policy and planning.
  • For Survey Support Since 2009, we have hosted and supported two national surveys reporting on government funding relating to research and development and science and engineering expenditures. We provide a complete line of services including data collection, database and systems management, application development, support to survey respondents, data analysis, statistical analysis, and reporting and documentation.
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