By Valeria Diaz

We Want You Well!

June is National Employee Wellness Month! To observe, we are sharing with our employees, tips and strategies on improving physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing all month long. Here are some practices and programs we recommend taking advantage of this June and as needed.


  1. Take Time to Yourself

Healthy work-life balances are crucial to your overall wellbeing. So don’t feel bad for taking time to yourself! Whether it be a 15-minute break from the laptop, or a day off to rest. Your health comes first. We encourage employees to take PTO when needed, to get ample rest, and take care of themselves.

  1.  Practice Mindfulness

When we practice mindfulness, we create space for ourselves to think, breathe, and be present in the moment. Mindfulness can cause considerable improvements to mood, lowers stress, and can even lead to physical health benefits. The great part about Mindfulness is that it can be done anywhere anytime and results in great improvements in overall health and wellbeing.

  1.  Exercise

Exercise is excellent for improving overall wellbeing. Breaking a sweat can relieve stress and improve your mood, all while providing physical benefits as well. It can also improve memory, energy levels, and brain function. Thus, making exercise crucial to wellness!

  1. Ask for Help

It’s always great to ask for help. Here at Synectics, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is always available to provide free guidance and resources in managing work-life balance and other issues.

  1.  Set Goals

We set professional goals, but our wellness goals are equally important! This month, we challenge you to set a goal for your wellness. Some goals include:

    • Meditating for 5 minutes every day.
    • Walking around the neighborhood 3 times a week.
    • Practicing a hobby for an hour every day.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the improvements you make by the end of the month!

These tips are crucial to maintaining employee wellness. We hope you find this article helpful in reaching your wellness goals this June!

 Happy Employee Wellness Month!