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Synectics & University of New Hampshire Center for Business Analytics  

As part of Synectics academic engagement efforts lead by Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Spears, Synectics was selected to participate with the Center for Business Analytics at the University of New Hampshire in its innovative internship program. Interns work as a project team lead by an intern project manager and PHD Candidate who manages the team and interacts directly with the Synectics Project Director. In addition to the tangible benefits to Synectics, the program is providing real world data projects and government-environment working experience with mentorship and development supervision from our leaders to an interdisciplinary team of graduate level interns. The initiative will expose the Intern Team to the whole data management cycle, planning meetings, data analysis and reporting tasks, and final evaluation for a complete immersive data management experience with real data projects. Our team traveled at the end of June to the Center’s headquarters in New Hampshire to launch this project and meet in person students and staff, including the Director of the center, Nagaraj Bukkapatnam, and Assistant Director, Andrew Mitchell, in a well-attended reception hosted by their staff and attended by UNH Leadership, members of the local business community, and the UNH Staff & Faculty.

This brings together experienced professionals and academia for a unique environment where both parties will benefit from this teaming experience.

“While students will receive experience in a hands-on scenario, they will also bring the academia perspective into the processes, allowing both our team and students to learn from each other, innovate, and improve processes and methods.” Said Sam Morisetty, Program Director, and Synectics Innovation Lab Leader (siLab).

Program Director John Millen said, “This exercise truly honors our core values and mission of bringing people from diverse ways of life to find solutions for our customers on making data meaningful and working with these students amplifies our team’s spectrum of capacities.” Mr. Millen also provides direct management of the intern project.

Synectics has an extensive record of providing the Federal Government with solutions to manage, store and analyze their data, and make better-informed decisions with efficiency, effectively applying innovative technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning. This current initiative with the UNH Center for Business Analytics will contribute to Synectics’ ability to deliver innovative solutions for our customers while also helping to train and mentor future leaders.

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