By Synectics

Synecticians Completed SAFe Scrum Master Certification Training

Nine Synectics employees completed the training to become certified SAFe Scrum Masters on Friday, June 27. Scaled Agile Framework SAFe) is a method for agile software development. Synecticians took the training to become proficient and individually certified in SAFe Scrum. Each individual seeking certification must pass the SAFe Scrum Master exam.

The instructor for this training was Sam Morisetty, Program Manager for Synectics’ NSF Data Warehouse Business Intelligence contract. Synectics is now a Bronze Level SAFe® partner, which allows the company to train and certify its own people in this agile development approach. Government agencies and businesses alike are increasingly using an agile approach to systems development.  Scrum is the most frequently used form of agile, and a Scrum Master plays an essential and central role in this approach to project management. The Scrum Master certification is a valued credential for the employee, for Synectics and for our customers.