By Synectics

Secure Integration of AWS Glue and Oracle

Team Synectics has been working with a federal customer to build a Cloud framework to support the migration of their Enterprise Data Warehouse to the AWS Cloud environment.  This blog outlines how Synectics has utilized the Synectics Innovation Lab (SiLab) to solve the customers’ AWS Cloud integration problem, which resulted in cost savings as well as the mitigated impact on the project schedule.  SiLab works on creating new ideas, experiments, and prototypes.  SiLab’s focus is also to innovate on emerging technologies to solve business problems and ultimately add value to the core business. 

The Problem: Setup SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection between On-Prem Oracle Database and AWS Glue on the Cloud 

The Challenge:  There was limited documentation on setting up SSL between On-Prem Oracle Database and AWS Glue.  The setup ran into several issues, and AWS Support suggested the team try multiple configuration options to resolve the issue.   

Setting up multiple configurations on the customer’s environment would require approval for changes to infrastructure and database components for each iteration of configuration changes. This would take additional resources and 2 to 3 months to complete, resulting in an impact to project schedule 

Technical Tools: AWS Glue, Redshift, Oracle  

The Solution: We identified that AWS Glue would support only TLS1.0. We updated the config files (listener.orasqlnet.ora) of Oracle Server with TLS1.0, generated Server-side SSL certificates using Oracle wallet, created public key file in prem format, and copied into S3, which is pointed from Glue connection.  Team Synectics utilized their SiLab to replicate the customer environment to resolve the issue.  Using SiLabteam Synectics was able to test and validate multiple configurations and identify the right configuration within five business days. The final configuration was confirmed on the customer environment successfully.  

This resulted in significant cost savings to the customer as there was no impact to project schedule, and there was no need for additional resources.  

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