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Happy Mother’s Day!

Now more than ever, juggling work and family can be challenging and exhausting. You work hard, not only at the office- now your living room- but also at home with your children and family. You are being pulled in a million directions, feeling like there’s not enough of you to go around, but still, you make it look easy and with a smile in your face.

If you are sitting at home exhausted and overwhelmed with all these new tasks added to your plate, let me tell you something, you are not failing. You are doing a great job!

I know those dishes from yesterday sitting on your counter are calling your name. How the pile of storybooks you told yourself you would read to them are still sitting there, and perhaps you are one week behind in laundry, but from one mother to another, you are not failing, you are doing a great job! You might be out of breath, racing, and exhausted, but honestly not failing. Failing means stopping, not trying, not getting up. That’s not us.

Somehow in the mixed-up social media, we’ve got these thoughts of moms being perfect. We are expected to be super creative, crafty, funny, happy, up before dawn, with our sinks shined, and the laundry folded. The pressure is on, but do not give in.

My advice for you is to start looking at all the things you do accomplish in a day: all the smiles of encouragement, meals made, clothes changed, books read, reports, and zoom meetings completed. Take one day a time and listen when I say you are doing a great job.

From our family to yours, may all the love that you give to others come back to you on this special day. Happy Mother’s Day!


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As the President of Synectics, Ana helps to establish corporate policies and the organization’s direction and also ensures that policies, planning, and services remain fully aligned with the Synectics mission and that assets are ably managed and steadily increased. These assets include not only physical property and financial assets but the reputation and relationships of the organization and the capabilities of the members of the staff and the board. She started her career at Synectics as a junior project team member. She holds a BBA in Marketing and Public Relations from Hofstra University. | Connect on LinkedIn

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