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COVID-19 Data Visualization

COVID-19 Data Visualization  

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting people all over the world, it is imperative to use data to help people monitor the spread of the effects of the virus.  Data has the ability to uncover many unknowns while also telling a story.  The Synectics Innovation Lab team has taken on the task to analyze the COVID-19 data and visualize the trends to spread public awareness which ultimately will help researchers and government leaders to make decisions. 

 Data for Analysis 

We used the data from the John Hopkins University which is available for use on the website “Data.World.”  The data is refreshed daily by 10:00 p.mPT.  

 Visualization Tool 

The visualization tool used for our analysis is referred to as Tableau.  More specifically, wused Tableau Public which is a free software that can allow anyone to connect to a spreadsheet or file and create interactive data visualizations for the web.  The ability to have this connection makes it easier to refresh dashboards with new data every day. 


The main objective of building a visualization dashboard is to showcase large amounts of data while making the information easy to understand. Based on the available data, we were able to create dashboards that show the following at the country, state, and county level:  


  • Total confirmed cases in the world 
  • Total deaths in the world 
  • Comparisons between cases within the U.S. and other countries  
  • Growth curve for the U.S.  
  • Top 10 states where the cases are highest 


  • Total confirmed cases in VA 
  • Total deaths in VA 
  • Total cases by County 
  • Growth curve for VA 

 Building this interactive dashboard allows users to filter data by categories including datesstates, county, and type of cases.  It also provides a greater statistical analysis of pertinent trends such as flattening of the curve based on the total number of cases versus upward trends in overall cases over the total timeline. 


Check out the two dashboards below and let us know what your discovery is! 

Nationwide Dashboard: 


VA Dashboard:!/vizhome/Virginia_Dashboard/Virginia_Dashboard