Synectics’ Open House

Last Thursday, October 20, our company held an Open House to network with potential partners in the federal contracting industry. Around 100 people came, met our staff, and saw our office space and equipment. “This event is part of the efforts to market our company’s capabilities, our experience, and our employees. We want everyone to know the quality of service that Synectics is committed to, and this event helps us to show ourselves as we are, a group of professionals dedicated for over thirty years to excellence,” explained Jeffrey Smith, president of Synectics. Adding to that, the Company’s founder and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Jack E. Hirsbrunner, highlighted the importance of nurturing relationships with industry members, stating that “the foundations of sales are relationships, not only with customers but also with potential partners with whom we can do business.”

Guests received a tour of our offices at 1101 Wilson Blvd., in Arlington, VA, which served as an entry point in presenting Synectics as an ideal candidate for the acquisition of contracts through strategic alliances. Many guests indicated they were impressed, which Synectics’ Chief of Staff, Ana Hirsbrunner, identified as “a step towards our goal with this event.” She praised the efforts staff had taken “to make Synectics look good.”