Aftermath of WannaCrypt: What to do About Ransomware Attacks

Windows users who have outdated patches/updates are susceptible to WannaCrypt, from Windows XP and up to Windows 10. Apple devices and Android devices were not affected, but that isn’t to say there will never be a ransomware attack for those devices somewhere down the line.

By: Kalon Makle, Information Technology
Building a Killer Resume that Competes for Technical Jobs in the Marketplace

At large organizations, your résumé may first be reviewed by software that looks for keywords, not a person. That’s why your resume should change, not just as you add new experiences, but for each new type of position, you apply for. Analyze each point listed in the job description to find what are they looking for and how they describe it.

By: Alexis Van Bevers, Human Resources
Top 3 Reasons Socializing with Coworkers is Good for Your Career

Socializing with coworkers is key for your career’s success. Knowing your coworkers as people will help you to communicate better, trust each other more, and improve relationships when working together.

By: Yvette Wills, Human Human Resources