Survey Management

A powerful tool to help federal agencies transfer data efficiently and securely.
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Any Federal data migration presents risk. This is true whether the migration is from a data center to the cloud or between databases. If the information involved is survey data, then best practices in survey data management can simplify the process. In this blog, we are discussing how survey data management can help Federal agencies transfer data efficiently and securely.

1. Streamline the Data Collection

Survey Management is a data collection tool that streamlines the data collection process into a single
database. It enables agencies to gather information in a centralized and standardized manner. Since data often comes in different file formats (e.g., CSV, TSV, JSON, YAML, PDFs, Word documents, Excel
sheets) the first step is to standardize where the data is stored – and how the data is stored.

2. Improve Data Quality

Survey Management also helps with data quality by allowing agencies to define the data collection process and establish data validation rules. Doing so reduces the chances of errors, inconsistencies, and duplicative entries.

3. Enhanced Security

Survey Management assures the security of data both in transit and in storage. It also allows agencies to set up strict protocols so that only authorized personnel can access the data. These steps reduce the risks of data breaches, insider threats, and data tampering. Data transfers can be safely conducted.

4. Improved Collaboration and Communication

Survey Management allows authorized stakeholders to access and manage data in real time – and can allow for sharing data with other organizations. For example, the information systems of sister agencies within Health and Human Services – or component agencies of Homeland Security – may not necessarily “speak” to each other. Once configured properly, survey management can allow for sharing of large data sets. This can improve communication, collaboration, and cooperation between agencies. It can also help move data not only within a given department but between departments or between the Federal Government and the states, territories, and Tribes.


Increasingly, agencies conduct surveys – of employees, of grant recipients, and of constituent end-users. Some of these may entail thousands or even millions of respondents. Such large survey sets require expertise in collecting, standardizing, storing, managing, and securing survey data. Synectics has core expertise in the lifecycle of surveys and uses its Survey Management tool to improve survey management across the Federal Government. It is part of our mission to Make Data Meaningful.


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