Veterans Affairs T4NG (Subcontractor to Salient CRGT.)

Synectics is a subcontractor to Salient CRGT. The Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Next Generation (T4NG) acquisition program is a major tool in the transformation of VA into a 21st Century organization. This contract enables VA to acquire services for information technology programs that will help ensure timely delivery of health care and benefits to veterans. Working with Salient CRGT, Synectics competes for task orders to integrate VA systems, network, and software to modernize the VA’s information technology infrastructure. The services and products may span the life cycle of a computer system and include program planning and management; systems and software engineering; cybersecurity; operation and maintenance; and support to facilities. We also help Triple-i support the VA’s goal of providing seamless access to benefits and health information systems. This includes support for the development of a common joint platform for digital medical profiles with the Defense Department.