Research & Statistical Services

Synectics excels at compiling data for federal agencies, like the Tracking System and Electronic Library for the Office of Inspector General at HHS, to track the status of inspection reports, or creating the Runaway and Homeless Youth Management Information System (RHYMIS) also at HHS. We create intuitive dashboards to make data meaningful for users, allowing them to making informed decisions. Our services include:

  • Quantitative, Qualitative, and Statistical Analyses – We ensure the quality, validity, and reliability of our research products and results by applying quality control and assurance procedures from sampling design through the final outcome analysis.
  • Survey Design – Customized data collection methods, models, and language needs to deliver high-quality data to answer key research questions.
  • Instrument Development – Tailoring, testing, and implementing data collection tools across all survey modes.
  • Survey Methodologies – Improving methods and addressing operational and technical challenges in survey research.
  • Data Collection – Applying the right survey tools for each project and client need, including sensitive topics and behaviors at a national level.
  • Establishment Surveys – Collecting high-quality data from businesses, agencies, social services establishments and other organizations to inform critical policy decisions and treatment methods.
  • Mathematical and Statistical Modeling – Designing and customizing program and research methodologies to client needs and advance methodological innovations.
  • Validating and Reporting – Ensuring that data is measured and correct for benchmarking, follow up, reporting, and plans of action.