Senior Management

Josh Barr

Client Solutions Director

Josh Barr comes to Synectics with a background stemming from Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 technology companies. Possessing more than a decade of experience in technical sales...

Amit Magdieli

Executive Director

Amit Magdieli focuses on leading operational effectiveness and program management excellence for Synectics.



Sam Morisetty

Project Manager

Sam is a certified Project Management Professional with an MS in Production Engineering.

Maxime Bokossa

Project Manager

Maxime Bokossa, PhD, is a skilled statistician. He manages a support project for two federal surveys.

Margaret Smith

Program Manager

Margaret is a certified Project Management Professional with an MBA in Information Technology from Johns Hopkins University and a BBA in Accounting/Finance from Temple University.

Michael Williams

Project Manager

Michael Williams has over 30 years of experience supporting Federal government contracting and IT business.

Gunjan Shrivastava

Technical Director

Gunjan focuses on managing technical teams.

Carlin Swint


Carlin Swint oversees performance for contracts within federal agencies and for private corporations.

Glenn Pinder

Acting Program Director

Glenn has outstanding skills in management, analysis, planning, and evaluation gained in more than 35 years’ experience at the National Center for Health Statistics.