Grants Management Solutions

Synectics is a proven leader in helping the government process grants. We built and maintain the Online Data Collection (OLDC) system for HHS, which processes over $68 billion of transactions a year. In a world where government budgets, policies, and priorities for grants are subject to change, Synectics’ solutions streamline systems – saving time, reducing waste, and helping to ensure that targeted tax dollars are used wisely and effectively.

We have an in-depth understanding of mandatory grants issued to states, territories, and tribes. Synectics pioneered the Online Data Collection (OLDC) system for HHS; spearheads the ACF Mandatory Grants Module (MGM), and operates the Head Start Enterprise System (HSES), which is used to forecast and track grantee post-award activities. We have certified grants specialists, and support the OMB’s 14 grants-processing steps. Our services include:

  • Agency Level Grants Process Management – We provide the expertise to evaluate and streamline complex agency grant application process.
  • Financial Transaction Management – Our systems process on an annual basis over $68 billion dollars of grant awards through the banking transaction management process.
  • Platform Design – Our understanding of the grants process allows us to build new and efficient platforms that help grantors and grantees alike visualize data, from the application through the awards process.
  • GrantSolutions.Gov Systems Design and Integration – We create and deliver customized applications that connect and use companion services from these systems.
  • Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)
  • Web content support and development
  • Help desk support and training